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2014 winter drabble dump - part 3

Note: Okay I finally got these done! Christmas eve and Christmas day were much busier than expected by alas, I have finished this batch! I'll probably (hopefully) have the last batch finished by tomorrow! Also, I'm so sorry for like half of these. I have no idea where they came from and I hope they're not too random (I was kinda in a crack mood today so those happened.)

❄ wooyeol @thoroughlycollected on tumblr ❄

“A cool and somewhat blustery Christmas.” That’s what the weather girl on the news said.

Sungyeol can’t help but think it’s a bit of an understatement as he stares out the window; snowflakes look like streaks of white against the night sky and strong winds pound the window, shaking the entire building.

He sighs as he hugs a pillow to his chest and watches the flames of candles on the coffee table flicker slightly. (Non-scented, because Woohyun’s nose is sensitive to artificial smells.)

The kettle on the gas stove shrieks as steam escapes the spout.

Woohyun walks into the living with two mugs in hand.

“Bored?” he asks as he hands Sungyeol a mug. (It’s the one with a monkey on it. Woohyun knows him so well.)

Sungyeol nods, taking a sip. He grimaces and sets the mug down on the table when the hot liquid burns the tip of his tongue. He lays down, resting his head on Woohyun’s lap and hugging the pillow tighter with a pout.

“We can’t watch a movie or bake cookies or even turn on the tree lights.” Sungyeol pouts. “Stupid storm.”

“Hey, it’s not that bad,” Woohyun says, twisting a lock of Sungyeol’s hair between his fingers. “We could be stuck in an airport or something.”

“That would be fun though!” Sungyeol whines. “We could play hide and seek or steal a security guy’s segway or make one of those lip sync music videos like that video online.”

Woohyun sighs and places his mug down next to Sungyeol’s. He removes Sungyeol’s head from his lap and stands from the couch.

“Where are you doing?” Sungyeol asks as Woohyun drags him to his feet.

Woohyun wordlessly drags him across the hallway towards their bedroom. He stops under the doorway and turns to face Sungyeol.

“What’s --” Sungyeol starts.

But Woohyun cuts him off by pulling Sungyeol by his collar and pressing his lips to his.

“-- that for?” Sungyeol finishes when they pull away.

Woohyun shrugs with a playful smile and nods up at the mistletoe hanging over the doorway. “Christmas fun without electricity, I guess.”

(prompt: blustery)

❄ 2woo for roselle (@damn-it-sungyeol on tumblr) ❄

When Myungsoo enters their dressing room, the scene he’s greeted with is honestly baffling.

Dongwoo and Woohyun are both scooting around the tile floor on their stomachs like worms without making a sound.

He watches the two wiggle their way under the table in the middle of the room, under the vanity shelves, and between makeup chairs. No one seems to pay attention to them; the stylists continue to fuss of the other members’ hair and touching up their makeup before they have to go on stage. Even the managers don’t spare them a glance and continue to speak rushed and hushed words into the cell phones as they run in and out of the dressing room.

Myungsoo slowly steps into the room, making sure to avoiding both Dongwoo and Woohyun as they continue to make their rounds around the room, and collapses next to Sungyeol on the couch.

“Should I even ask?” Myungsoo questions as he watches one of the coordi’s actually have to sit on Dongwoo’s back to get him to stop moving so she can fix his bangs.

Sungyeol simply shakes his head and lifts his feet in the air so Woohyun can wiggle by with no interference.

“They’ve been doing this for the past hour,” Howon says, glancing at Myungsoo through the vanity mirror.

“I’m pretty sure I’ve stepped on Dongwoo like five times already but he doesn’t seem to mind,” Sungjong adds.

The boys watch Dongwoo and Woohyun collide head on. There’s a beat of silence as the two stare at each other, wiggling and scooting coming to an abrupt halt. They suddenly burst out into the fit out giggle, rolling on the floor. (The stylists frown at their now messed up hair wrinkled shirts.)

They all share a look as Sunggyu shakes his head.

“They’re in serious need of a vacation.”

(prompt: vacation)
note: i have no idea what this is omg.

❄ woogyusoo for anon on tumblr ❄

When Sungyeol told Woohyun that Myungsoo was rather curious, he didn’t know that “curious” actually meant “clumsy”. So when he walks into the den and finds Myungsoo and the shiny wooden floor covered in soot from the fireplace, he’s quite surprised. He’s even more surprised when he sees Sunggyu trying to wipe the smudges off the younger’s face.

“What happened in here?” Woohyun asks the two Pets as Myungsoo glances up and proceeds to hide behind Sunggyu.

Sunggyu doesn’t respond and just looks at Myungsoo over his shoulder.

Woohyun glances at Myungsoo who quickly ducks his charcoal speckled face towards the dust covered floor, ears pressed against his head. “Did you do this, Myungsoo?”

The Pet looks up at Woohyun with shining eyes and grips his tail to his chest nervously. “I’m -- I didn’t --”

(Good lord, with those eyes, it’s no wonder why Sungyeol never gets mad him, Woohyun thinks.)

Woohyun continues to study Myungsoo with a controlled face as the Pet tries (and utterly fails) to stammer out an apology and explain himself.

“I did it,” Sunggyu suddenly says.

Woohyun looks at his Pet, surprised.

“Really?” he asks, even though it’s quite obvious who the real culprit is.

Sunggyu nods. “Myungsoo didn’t do anything. It was me. I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.”

Myungsoo grabs onto the back of Sunggyu’s robes and stares at the back of the elder’s head, looking a few seconds away from crying.
“Well, just clean him up,” Woohyun says. “Lord Sungyeol will kill me if he sees his Pet in this condition.”

Sunggyu nods before quickly dragging Myungsoo pass Woohyun and out of the room.

-- -- -- --

When Woohyun passes by the bathroom later, he overhears Sunggyu’s voice.

“You don’t have to be afraid of him, you know,” Sunggyu says quietly as he wipes Myungsoo’s face with a towel, “He’s like Lord Sungyeol; he’s a really nice Owner.”

Woohyun smiles to himself.

(prompt: fireplace)
note: shameless catboy!au; im so sorry but i couldn't help myself.

❄ gyujong for anon on tumblr ❄

“This one?”


“Okay, how about this one?”

“Don’t even think about it.”

“Well, what about this one?”

“Ew, are you serious?”

Sunggyu closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, trying to control his frustration with the younger boy. Sungjong watches him turns towards the giant shelf and pull another candle off of the the shelf. He reads the label for the type of scent; Warm Vanilla.

“Okay, let’s get this one then,” he decides.

“No we can’t get that one.” Sungjong shakes his head.

“Why not?” Sunggyu sighs.

Sungjong takes the candle from Sunggyu and puts it back on the shelf. “Because Sungyeol’s nose is sensitive to strong scents. He’s going to get a headache the minute we light it.”

“Okay.” Sunggyu nods and grabs a plain, white candle. “Then, this one. Let’s go.”

He beings to walking towards the checkout counter. They have been in this store for nearly an hour, which is much too long for for candle shopping for anyone. This was supposed to be easy. He was just supposed to pick a candle for the members. He planned on just writing a heartfelt message, saying that the candle represents the flame of their brotherhood or something equally as cheesy. And that’s it.

Sunggyu thought bringing Sungjong along would help him since the younger was into design recently and probably easily pick out a candle that fit the style of each member. Boy, was he wrong.

“Wait!” Sungjong cries and grabs his arm.

“What now?”

“Woohyun’s going to complain that it’s too plain. You should pick a different one.”

Sunggyu sighs and walks back to the shelf. He tries not to slam the candle down on the metal ledge. He turns back to Sungjong with a borderline murderous glare. “Well which one do you want to get?”

Sungjong shrugs. “Whichever one you want to get,” he answers with a bright smile. “It’s your present, after all.”

(prompt: candle)
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